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School Trips

School trips are always exciting – often a little overexciting for the children who are embarking upon them. This is why you want your transport to be as relaxing as possible, with a highly experienced driver who has done countless school trips and knows how to deliver an impeccable service.

Coach of Langtoft have been liaising with schools on excursions for years, and our happy and safe drivers always provide a fantastic coach service for pupils and staff. We offer a variety of school trips to a whole host of locations, so there really is no need to limit your requirements when booking with Coach of Langtoft. Previous popular School destinations include:

  • Hammerton Zoo
  • Sacrewell Farm
  • Peterborough Cathedral
  • Ferry Meadows
  • Leicster Space Centre
  • Stibbington
  • Kingswood Activity Centre’s
  • Hunstanton
  • Sea Life Centre

So if you’ve got a school trip which you are planning, why not take any hassle out of the equation and book with Coach of Langtoft today!

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